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White Muse

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Dance of Creation - Watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper

Watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper 11" x14"

The white muse dances with her golden veil whipping up a colorful storm in the cosmos. White light contains all the colors of the rainbow. Gold and yellow represent intellect and mental concentration. Purple stands for intuition and inspiration. Her body represents movement bringing together the two elements setting the creative process in motion. She shines from the darkness of nothingness and manipulates her surroundings to create new forms and colors.

There are many different types of bellydance originating from various regions of the ancient world, from Turkey, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, as well as other parts of Africa and Asia. It is said that women practiced the hip movements to strengthen muscles used to ease childbirth in ancient times. Some sources say that it is a dance women danced in the company of other women in the spirit of festivity and female bonding. One theory states that it was performed in pagan rituals in honour of the fertile mother goddess. And to some, it is simply a folkdance ingrained in centuries of cultural celebrations.

I was a child when I first witnessed a live bellydance performance in the Middle East. The audience was captivated by the dancer’s smooth movements, her colourful costume decked with coins and sequins, her abdominal undulations fluid like flowing water and her arms graceful like the snake she carried across her shoulders. Through my childlike eyes, it was magic, like watching a scene from A Thousand and One Arabian Nights come to life, which to this day still stands as one of my favourite childhood books. At the end of the show the crew was even nice enough to let me carry the snake. It is one of the most memorable shows in my childhood memory which later sparked my love for dance when I finally started to study bellydance. It is many things to many people from creative self expression, the exploration of cultures through music, the ancient celebration of fertility and the female body’s power to bring new life, and the veneration of the sensual and powerful goddess inside every woman. To me, bellydance is meditation in motion, the awakening of the divine creative feminine spirit alive within us.