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Brainstorm Clouds

Click here to view detailed close up & symbolism below

Brainstorm Clouds - Acrylic on canvas by Michelle Chermaine

Acrylic on canvas 12" x 12" 2010

Brainstorm Clouds Portrait Detail Closeup

A symbolic artist self portrait.
Why the fish scales? Two reasons:

• Apparently it’s bad luck to depict yourself right down to the last detail in a self portrait. I’ve already donned ram horns in my first self portrait so it was time for something equally weird but different.

• Because I’m a Piscean! Do you sing in the shower? I don’t. I’m more of a shower thinker. The best ideas for my writing and art come to me while daydreaming in the shower. I seem to get my best ideas listening to the sound of rushing water or rain. I love breathing in the scent of the lake and seawater. I actually like the scent of fresh fish too and love the way their silvery scales reflect light underwater and above it. Pisceans are dreamers and artists. So in a way, this represents my astrological roots.

At the same time, water is the realm of emotions and is at once nurturing and powerful. Life and all creation are dependent on water therefore it seemed like the fitting element to represent the creative process, which is why the watery tones are at the bottom symbolizing the foundation of reflection and inspiration as sparks fly up towards the top in brewing brainstorm clouds.

The background shows a combination of fire (passion), water (intuition) and air (thought) at play.

The red/gold almost orange-ish robe represents passion (red), drive (red), focus(gold) and inspiration (orange).

Pearls are gems of the sea and I use them a lot in my jewelry designs. They are often associated with getting in touch with your female intuition.

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