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Air, Fire, Water, Earth

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Air, Fire, Water, Earth Elementals - Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on canvas 24" x 30" 2010

The four elements of nature are depicted here as female elemental spirits each with their own unique attributes. Air rules the winds and takes flight above the ground. Fire rises up and spreads its wings. Dynamic and a powerful natural catalyst of change, her flames rise up as smoke spirals around her symbolizing the past (smoke), and nature’s constant spiralling cycle of change. An equally powerful dual-natured nurturing or destructive force, water stands beside fire maintaining balance. Mutable under various circumstances, water is the softest of things yet can wear away at solid rock. By yielding to harder matter, it gains power over it. As it can cultivate the land, so can it destroy everything in a single flood. Beside water stands earth. Solid, grounded and dependable, she is like a mother carrying new life. The butterflies which are often symbolic of life, transformation and the human soul, emerge from the hollow womb of her trunk symbolizing life springing forth.

Despite their differences, all work together in the circle of life. Air feeds fire, fire sets a balance with water, water nurtures the fertile earth, while the earth fuels fire and its trees sway to the wings of the wind. In the end, all are rooted to the earth metaphorically in the painting as they are literally in life.