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Michelle Chermaine received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Philippine Ambassador

"in grateful recognition of her vigorous promotion of Filipino visual arts in Canada and her noteworthy contribution to Philippine cultural diplomacy by way of loaning a collection of her paintings displayed at the Philippine ambassador's official residence in Ottawa from June 2012 to March 2014. Given this 21st day of March 2014 in Ottawa, Ontario. " Leslie B. Gatan
Philippine Ambassador to Canada

Michelle Chermaine and Ambassador Leslie Gatan

Philippine Ambassador Leslie Gatan with his portrait sketched by Michelle Chermaine

"Local artist Michelle Chermaine is a self taught, multi-talented artist whose work is inspired by a wide range of symbols and imagery. Her paintings incorporate the symbology of the old ways, yet have a freshness and relevance to the modern observer. Rather than a direct representation of pagan symbols, her work carries a universal message and an appeal that resonates with people of every faith." Kyle West - Toronto Examiner

Nia Vardalos (writer & star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) wearing an original handcrafted gemstone necklace by Michelle Chermaine.

Portrait of Paul Anka Paul Anka portrait by Michelle Chermaine Ramos

With legendary singer/songwriter Paul Anka

Michelle Chermaine's painting at the Philippine ambassador's mansion on Independence Day 2012

At Canada Philippine Fashion Week with Ms. Universe Canada 2013, Riza Santos, who owns one of Michelle Chermaine's one-of-a-kind handcrafted chalcedony earrings.

Interviewing Ms. Universe 2011 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup for FilMedia at Couture and Culture 2014


Michelle Chermaine interviewing Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach on the issues of bullying and conventional beauty standards

Below: Michelle Chermaine's interview and painting collaboration with international UNICEF artist Manuel D. Baldemor on PMNTV's Cup of T

Collaborative abstract painting by Manuel D. Baldemor and Michelle Chermaine Ramos inspired by Jose P. Alcantara's sculpture Hapunan


Philippine Canadian Inquirer September 5, 2014

Michelle Chermaine in the Philippine Canadian Inquirer with TV5 stars Derek Ramsay, Gelli De Belen and Arnell Ignacio

Munting Nayon April 2014

Michelle Chermaine at the Philippine Consulate's Women's Month Celebration Honoring Women Achievers

Luncheon and portrait session with Philippine Ambassador and Consul General covered in Filipiniana News, Munting Nayon,Balita Newspaper, Taliba, Filipino Bulletin and Waves.

Waves March 2014

Michelle Chermaine in Waves News  for the portrait sketching session with Philippine Ambassador Leslie Gatan

Taliba March 2014

Michelle Chermaine Ramos in Taliba News with Ambassador Leslie Gatan during his portrait session

Filipino Bulletin March 2014

Michelle Chermaine in the Filipino Bulletin for the portrait sketching session with Philippine Ambassador Leslie Gatan

Balita News March 2014

Michelle Chermaine in Balita Newspaper March 2014 for Ambassador Gatan's portrait session with the Philippine Artists Group

Filipiniana News February 2014

Michelle Chermaine in Filipiniana News March 2014 for Ambassador Gatan's portrait session with the Philippine artists group

Munting Nayon February 2014

Michelle Chermaine with Ambassador Gatan and Consul General Junever Mahilum West


Art show covered in Tahanan Magazine Fall 2012

Nikkei Voice - July/August 2012


Featured in Nikkei Voice July / August 2012

"In the case of Paint the Sky with Stars, Michelle (Chermaine) Ramos' glitter painting of a Middle Eastern belly dancer's blurred arm sweeps against a bright polychrome background had a charming show biz shimmer to it..." David Fujino - Nikkei Voice

Nikkei Voice - July/August 2012


Featured Interview in Libreto November 2011

"Looking at Michelle (Chermaine) Ramos' painting is like entering a familiar place, face to face with a familiar face and familiar scene but very much aware that it is not real." Analyn Aryo - Libreto

SNAP Magazine Downtown Toronto - November 2011

Featured in SNAP Magazine Toronto November issue

SNAP Magazine Downtown Toronto - November 2011